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Sanitize Your Handheld Devices!

Hand washing practices are now firmly in place. However, every time your hands touch your unsanitized device, they become recontaminated.

Aluvis offers an intuitive, safe and easy-to-use system for employees and the general public to help reduce the risk of spreading pathogens and human disease.

Aluvis Device

Introducing Aluvis UV Clean Technology

Aluvis is a breakthrough in device sanitization. It’s simple and easy-to-use.

This revolutionary system utilizes UV-C light to reduce microbial contamination and pathogens on mobile handheld devices.
99.9% effective against CDiff, MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter baumannii.
sanitized phone
Exposes and sanitizes the entire surface of the handheld device to UV-C light with no shadow effects in 20 seconds.
The patented conveyor system allows multiple devices to be sequentially inserted and processed every 2 seconds.
Allows many users to conveniently and quickly sanitize their devices in high-traffic, high-risk or busy common-use areas.
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Why Aluvis Is Different


Fast + Effective

Our 20 second sanitization cycle kills at least 99.9% of major pathogens.


Our patented conveyor system is intuitive and easy-to-use. Simply place your device on the conveyer and retrieve it seconds later from the output tray.

Sanitizes Multiple Devices + Sizes

Including smartphones, tablets, eyewear, ID badges, keycards, and many other items.
hospital testing

Hospital-Grade Efficacy Testing

Independent third party lab testing confirms that Aluvis kills the most dangerous pathogens lurking in hospitals.
touch free

Responsive Touch-Free Design

The Aluvis sanitization process is activated without the user having to touch the Aluvis system. Simply lay your device down on the conveyor to activate the sensor.
chemical free


UV-C light is safe and will not damage expensive touchscreen devices. Aluvis does not use moisture or chemicals and is environmentally friendly.

About our Founders

Aluvis International was co-founded by board certified Orthopedic Surgeons who were among the first to understand the significant impact that the use of unsanitized handheld devices in hospitals would have on the rate of hospital-acquired infections.

Their solution? Aluvis UV Clean Technology. Beyond hospitals, our Aluvis sanitizing system is now an important tool in helping to stop the spread of viruses and microbial contamination in many high-traffic, high-risk and public places like business campuses, hotels and restaurants.
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